Color contrasts that make the difference – The Contrasts app helps you define text colors that are easy to read even for people with visual impairments.

Colors for your design projects

Contrasts lets you create and manage color pairs of text and background colors for your design projects.

Evaluate website contrasts

Using the integrated browser, color contrasts can be selected and evaluated directly from your web projects.

WCAG 2.1 conformance

By calculating the contrast ratio and the resulting WCAG 2.1 conformance level, it is possible to determine whether a text color is readable for people with visual impairments or not.

Simulate color blindness

Test your color pairs for different color weaknesses and blindnesses.

Share colors with your team

Color pairs can be shared with your colleagues as text and images, along with all detail information (color and alpha values, contrast ratio, and WCAG conformance).

iCloud sync

Sync your color pairs across your Apple devices by using iCloud.